Sylvania Platinum reduced to 3.8%

Sylvania Platinum: (SLP.L, AIM All-Share, Market Cap £113, 49p, 3.8 of JIC Portfolio and 0.0 of JIC Top 10)

On 22nd January, I added to Sylvania at 44.7p, saying: 

“In what might be a lapse of discipline, I am going to fudge the issue by going halfway! I’m rating it Medium/High Risk and increasing the position to 3.75% of the Portfolio. Time will tell whether that was foolhardy or not.”

As it turns out, in the short term, it was foolhardy as for some reason Q2 results on 31st January, prompted some heavy selling. That drove the price down to 35p on Monday 3rd. I took advantage of the fall, opportunistically increasing the position back up to 3.8% of the Portfolio at 35.6p. That looks to be well-timed as it has shot up 40% in a couple of weeks.

Long term readers of my diary will know I tend not to be short term but, in this case, I have just now reduced the position back to 3.75%, in line with my “fudged” Medium/High-Risk rating, established on 22nd January.

I got 49.11p for my shares. Cash now 15%

Screenshot 2020-02-14 at 15.39.22