Strix Group sold

Strix Group: (KETL.L, Aim 100, Market cap. £354m, 181p, 0.0% of JIC Portfolio and 0.0% of JIC Top 10): 

On 6th February, I reduced Strix Group to 2.5% of the JIC Portfolio. I have today sold the remaining position. 

I have increased the Risk rating to High as I think there is a high probability that it will issue a profit warning due to disruption to supply from its Chinese factories. I also think there is a growing probability that any disruption will not be short-lived.

I would like to the share price fall to where it gives a prospective dividend yield of more than 5.0%, i.e. in the low 150’s. It was there not that long ago and I think there is a good chance it will go there again.

I have booked a good profit and hope to revisit this stock later this year.

Cash now stands at 13.6% of the Portfolio

Screenshot 2020-02-14 at 13.14.15