Rockrose Energy added to JIC Top 10 Portfolio

Rockrose Energy (RRE.L, Market Cap £245m, 1860p, 8.7% of JIC Portfolio and 7.7% of JIC Top 10)

I have used the cash balance in the JIC Top 10, to add Rockrose to the JIC Portfolio.

A lot of volume in the stock today and clearly some profit taking by those who maybe now have very large holdings or can’t resist more than 100% gain in a day, or indeed from some who may think it is fully valued.

I posted yesterday, what sort of valuation I think it can achieve and have therefore added it to the JIC Top 10 Portfolio.

Once the selling pressure eases, I hope to see it make further gains over the next month or so.

It does mean that I now have 11 stocks in the JIC Top 10. This is temporary and I will aim to sort that out by the end of the month.

I paid 1858.95p per share.

Screenshot 2019-07-24 at 15.38.56