Medica Group; trading update (originally posted on 23rd May)

Medica Group (MGP.L, FTSE Small Cap Index, Market Cap 148m, 139p, 1.5% of JIC Portfolio and 0.0% of JIC Top 10)


Conclusion: Nearly half way through the year, this statement is encouraging given that current forecasts are for 28% earnings growth this year. I am of course assuming that “the Board’s expectations” are the same as market forecasts. (I can’t understand why management don’t say something along the lines of “consensus market forecasts are x, which we are happy with!”)  I have written about this stock three times since buying it earlier this month. Nice to see it up 4.2% today. Still a Happy Holder!

It issued a trading update this morning. Short and sweet, it says that 2018 has started well and that it is performing in-line with the Board’s expectations. It goes on to say that recruitment of radiologists has continued to be strong. “The anticipated full year 2018 results remain in line wth the Board’s expecations”.

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