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About Me

I launched this website in January 2012 so that I could share with other investors how I manage my investment portfolio; the JIC Portfolio.
There is complete transparency with the current portfolio and all transactions shown. ¬†I explain all trades through my blog and hope the site provides food for thought to more experienced investors¬†as well as helping those who are new to managing their own portfolios.¬†I believe JohnsInvestmentChronicle is unique: There are plenty of “tipsters” who will remind you of the “good ones” and quietly forget the disasters; I do not have that luxury as the Portfolio is there for all to see, backed with real money; mine! I have to confront my mistakes and deal with them; there is no hiding place!¬†Above all, this is a true expose of the trials and tribulations of a private investor!

My name is John Rosier


In June 1984, I left university with a degree in Zoology and started work in The City of London. I enjoyed the first 14 years of my career at Fleming Investment Management, initially as an analyst and then as a UK portfolio manager; in 1997 I was appointed Head of UK Equities.  I was a director at Henderson Global Investors from 1998 until 2004, before moving to the West End and working for two hedge funds. My investment career at Flemings and Henderson was focused on managing UK equity portfolios for corporate and local authority final salary defined benefit pension schemes as well as the reserve fund for the NSPCC.

During 2009 I left full time employment since when I have been managing my own portfolio. I have thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of investing from home and despite some tricky periods during 2011 it has been a rewarding experience.

Investing from home has become so much easier with the advent of the internet. Information is readily available to all, online trading is quick and efficient and there is an abundance of investment software available to help you manage your portfolios and make investment decisions. The cost of investing has also dropped considerably with a typical online broker charging commission of around ¬£6 ‚Äď ¬£15 a trade.


  • The JIC Portfolio started on 1st January 2012 with cash of ¬£151,110.
  • This site describes how the JIC Portfolio is being managed; the current portfolio and all transactions, including costs, (stamp duty and commission) are shown.
  • The JIC Portfolio mirrors my own portfolio and those of my family.
  • The JIC Portfolio is published under ‚Äúcurrent portfolio‚ÄĚ and is updated whenever a trade takes place or at the end of each week.
  • I post regular updates in my investment blog explaining the thought process behind my trades and any other relevant news.
  • I record my trades purely as a record of what I have done so that, hopefully, readers and I will learn from the mistakes and successes over the coming years.
  • As well as describing the easier decisions, such as buying a new holding, I also confront the difficult ones, such as what to do with a losing position; there is no hiding place!
  • This is a true expose of the trials and tribulations of a private investor!

My Approach

I focus my efforts on searching for companies where the growth prospects are not reflected in the share price.  I especially like companies that are beating expectations, providing the added benefit of a potential re-rating on upgraded forecasts. Most of my holdings meet the following criteria:

  • They are on PE ratios in the low to mid-teens.
  • They have PEG ratios of less than one.
  • They are paying a growing dividend, that is well covered by earnings and cash flow.
  • They have low to moderate debt levels

Where possible I try to meet management and understand what makes them tick. If they have a decent stake in the business so much the better; our interests are aligned. I hold between 20 and 30 holdings including the investment trusts mentioned earlier. Finally, I am a great believer in re-investing dividends and allowing compounding to do its work over the long term: To quote Einstein, ‚ÄúCompound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.‚ÄĚ

For more detail on my approach click HERE


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