JIC Weekend Roundup; red-letter week for JIC Portfolio

Returns of selected markets; over one week and since 1st January.

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Good week for equity markets with the US closing at a new high again. The S&P 500 is up 20.7% so far this year. European markets also did well, buoyed by the prospect of further monetary stimulus; it has even been suggested that the European Central Bank might buy equities! Boris Johnson became prime minister on Wednesday. It should be an interesting/exciting three or four months ahead. Brent oil was up 0.8% to $63.08 per barrel and gold finished the week at $1432 per oz. up 0.4%.

It was a red-letter week for the JIC Portfolio. It was up 6.2%, making 24.0% this year. This return compares with a 0.7% weekly rise in the FTSE All-Share (Total Return) Index and +15.0% year to date. The JIC Portfolio went through another milestone as it is now up 205.2% since inception in January 2012, compared to +90.5% for the All-Share.
Last week’s big contributor was Rockrose Energy, +120.9%, on its return from suspension. The name change for Taptica to Tremor International seems to be working so far; it was up 16.3%. Adept Technology was up 8.8%, and Scientific Digital Imaging gained 5.1%. The only more than 5.0% faller was Serica Energy, down 5.4%. 
One trade last week: In the JIC Top 10 Portfolio, I added Rockrose Energy to the Portfolio, believing the stock is still materially undervalued. Once the profit takers and those where it has simply become too large a holding have finished selling, I think the shares will move up, hopefully towards the £30 level. I could be wrong so DYOR and own your decisions.
On Thursday, Bloomsbury went ex-dividend 6.75p per share.
Next week sees final results from Games Workshop on Tuesday.
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