Added to Strix Group on 5.0% prospective yield

Strix (KETL.L, Aim 100, Market cap. £370m, 137p, 3.5% of JIC Portfolio and 8.9% of JIC Top 10): 

First trade since 1stNovember!

I left a “limit” buy order on at 137 which has just been dealt. At 137p the shares are on a prospective dividend yield for 2018 of 5.0% and for 2019, of 5.5%. That looks attractive to me especially given that it looks a relatively defensive sort of business (revenue and profits should be fairly stable through an economic slowdown) and is strongly cash generative.

I have increased the holding to 3.5% of the JIC Portfolio.

Screenshot 2018-11-13 at 14.13.19