4BaseBio AG (4BSB.D. Market Cap £90m, €2.10, 2.1% of JIC Portfolio)

More on Sparta Ag’s intention to launch a bid at 2€ per share.

Sparta is an investment company founded in 1995. Essentially, it is the investment vehicle of Wilhelm K.T. Zours.

One suggestion is that Sparta wants to go over 30%, which would mean it would be forced to make an offer. It looks like it is pre-empting that event by making an offer now and seeing where it takes them.

One thing is clear, they like the company and its prospects. I can’t see why any shareholder would sell shares to them at 2€ when the current price is 2.10€. I’m not surprised it is up 2.4% today.

Awaiting developments but in the meantime, I’m a Very Happy Holder and contemplating whether my High-Risk rating should be reduced to Medium!


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